Mount Surprise Scout 4

bear cub track

On this Scout I decided to climb the northwestern flank of Mount Surprise to an undetermined point and then cross over the western side of the mountain. From here I would cut across the well-maintained Carter-Moriah hiking trail on my way downhill into the Peabody River valley and thence back to my truck. As always, […]

Middle Moriah Mountain Scout 1

middle moriah mountain waterfall

On this scout I parked my truck along Route 2 in Shelburne NH and bushwhacked through jungle-like forest up Josh Brook on the slopes of Middle Moriah Mountain (elevation 3755 feet). There is a small turn-off where Josh Brook crosses the Route 2 highway, which is a major east-west truck route between Maine, northern New […]

Rifle Barrel Covers

Rifle Barrel Cover

If you read Mount Surprise Scout 3 you may have noticed that the flash hider on my Scout Rifle was covered with something of a white color. It was raining heavily that day so I covered the open barrel of the rifle to prevent rain and debris from getting inside.  Being familiar with what some […]

The Wild Must Win in the End

Northern Mountains are Aces

You see, here I am pushing 53-years of age. I like to say I am as old as a deck of playing cards (typically 52 playing cards) – in a few months will have to add one of the jokers. Be that as it may, no matter the conditions I face, no matter the trials […]

Mount Surprise Scout 3

rain rifle

On my third scout on the slopes of Mount Surprise Viam Fec made a way to its first mountain summit in the White Mountains in the Great North Woods. It’s been a day of constant drenching rain, increasingly thick jungle-like foliage as trees and shrubs sprout fresh Spring leaves and shoots, blown-down trees by the […]