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You Don’t Back Down

Fire a gunshot into the ground near a herd of cows and they panic. One cow gets scared and starts running. The herd sees this and do the same. They run through fences, across roads, run off a cliff. Because they are not leaders – they are prey animals. All the cows know is that […]

The Fresh Start

It’s a fresh start for me, having defeated Lyme Disease after a several year battle. My plan is to re-invigorate Viam Fec and bring the Opus Magnum of my life to fruition. Today has been cold in the Great North Woods. I just got back from a short scout with my trusted rifle “Thump”. We […]

Scout 2 Mount Garfield Area

On our second patrol, Thump and I practiced the African Carry method as well as the Bail Out Bag weight carry method I have been working on. As always there have been lessons learned and ideas created. Generally I do not like to have my rifle slung on my body in any way. At awkward […]

A black bear has ripped this gate post

Scout 1 Mount Garfield Area

On this my first patrol with Thump, the stainless steel Sako Kodiak in .375 Holland and Holland Magnum, I explored a short gated logging road in the National Forest where I often walk for exercise. In addition I did some bushwhacking just off the road, discovering new-to-me areas with the usual unexpected adventures. Conditions: Overcast […]

Sako 375 Kodiak Thump

Thump and I Meet Thump arrived today, I picked him up at my local FFL holder (Federal FireArm License), Corey’s Sport Shop in Littleton NH.  The rifle was purchased from EuroOptic along with a spare magazine. Thump is a Sako Kodiak .375 Holland and Holland Magnum stainless steel bolt action rifle made in Finland. I’ve […]