Fire a gunshot into the ground near a herd of cows and they panic. One cow gets scared and starts running. The herd sees this and do the same. They run through fences, across roads, run off a cliff. Because they are not leaders – they are prey animals. All the cows know is that one cow is scared and bolting so they join in and do the same.

People do this too. Most people are prey animals.

Lions are predators – dozens of hyenas threaten them and the lions circle around each other to defend themselves. They do not run off in panic and get taken down. Instead they take on the hyenas if need be and survive while taking down the hyenas.

Lemmings, cows, and most humans stamped. Because they are not leaders – they are a prey animal.

You don’t see lions, whales, bears, or tigers stamped. Like the 300 men at the Battle of Gallipoli against the 50,000 Persians. Because they do not panic, are not spooked, not being threatened, and will fight until they die while taking down dozens of the enemy.

Most wars are not won because the overwhelming force has defeated the enemy. Its because you panic the enemy so they drop their weapons and run – you come home with your shields or on them.

You don’t drop your weapons and you don’t back down and you don’t get panicked. That means you get prepared, you get ready. Then you take them on hard.