I call myself
Odin Mountains Gungnir Sisu

Look up “odin”, “gungnir”, and “sisu” on wikipedia.

I have lived and worked in the tall snowy mountains all my life. I am a Mountains Man.

I am a Viking by heritage. 5 feet 7 inches tall, 210 pounds, 58 years old. I have been heavy weightlifting since age 14, walking and snowshoeing in these mountains 5 to 10 miles a day with backpack and rifle. One of the strongest men my age alive.

Also check out OdinMountain.com

Viam Fec – He Made a Way

My beautiful girlfriend. I am one of the strongest men who ever lived.
One day I will die.

Jackson the German Shepard.
We walked these mountains and forest together for years. Now he is dead my friend.
One day we will be with each other forever.

“Weep not for me my friend so dear. I am not dead but sleeping here. And when my grave you come to see. Prepare for death and follow me.”

Deer in our 40 acre forest, Great North Woods New Hampshire

I have been a Mountains Man all my life.

We are of God

We are of God

I am a natural born northern mountains warrior. I have hunted and trapped all my life with an inborn knowledge of how to take hundreds of animals. If need be men are next.