Fighting in Vietnam
I’m one of the 10% that did the fighting in Vietnam – John Doe

This morning I received an email from [John Doe, name changed] a veteran of Vietnam 1967 – 1968, disabled during his service. The following relates several emails between us:

Thank you for caring, Mr. Fontaine.  I’m one of the 10% that did the fighting in Vietnam and this (Tyranny in America) is making me sick.

I’m pretty well disabled from being sprayed in the jungle near a L.Z. one evening. But I love the Bushcrafting fad going on (old Boy Scout ) I’m going to try and teach some of it to some country kids out here. Hoping to get them interested in survival skills along with my 2 granddaughters we are flying back for two weeks.

We will camp out in woods here by home, use a dutch oven cooking.   Along with some fire starting skills and other essentials, if I can keep them interested. I fear they will soon be very important lessons.

Working on another small order to you [].

I’ve had a Ruck sack packed in my basement for 35 years fearing the time was coming that our tyrannical government would be completely lawless and come for our guns. Now I’m to old and disabled to run and fight. I swore I would never be a slave, like people I was fighting for in the Central Highlands of Vietnam,to stop the V.C. who would take all their rice and leave none for them to survive on.

Your firesteels are great.

John Doe
1/8th Cavalry AirAssault/Air mobile A-company


Hi John, good to hear from you –

Millions of Americans feel just as you do. Maybe, as you say, you are too old to fight but you will always have skills and gear to share. If the time comes, there remains the need for information, experience, and support in many ways.

vietnam tankTeaching the next generations is worth more than anything else, so the flame of liberty is handed down through time and not forgotten.

BTW, the rucksacks from that time period in my opinion are still very serviceable!

I’d like to send some free firesteel gear to you [as a gift], if you give me your address you should receive it by the end of the week :-)

Enjoy the day, John, and all the best to you and yours,


Johns Response:

Thanks Ron,

Don’t run into many business with your attitude and spirit, may God bless you and your business.