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Middle Moriah Mountain Scout 2

Today on a more ambitious scout I climbed two mountains. The first Mount Evans (elevation 1443 feet) and the second an Unnamed Peak (elevation 2572 Feet) both to the north of Middle Moriah Mountain (elevation 3755 feet) in the Carter-Moriah Mountain Range. The last day of Spring, it was a cool and windy slog through […]

Mount Surprise Scout 4

On this Scout I decided to climb the northwestern flank of Mount Surprise to an undetermined point and then cross over the western side of the mountain. From here I would cut across the well-maintained Carter-Moriah hiking trail on my way downhill into the Peabody River valley and thence back to my truck. As always, […]

Middle Moriah Mountain Scout 1

“Featured Image” On this scout I parked my truck along Route 2 in Shelburne NH and bushwhacked through jungle-like forest up Josh Brook on the slopes of Middle Moriah Mountain (elevation 3755 feet). There is a small turn-off where Josh Brook crosses the Route 2 highway, which is a major east-west truck route between Maine, […]

Mount Surprise Scout 3

On my third scout on the slopes of Mount Surprise Viam Fec made a way to its first mountain summit in the White Mountains in the Great North Woods. It’s been a day of constant drenching rain, increasingly thick jungle-like foliage as trees and shrubs sprout fresh Spring leaves and shoots, blown-down trees by the […]

Airport Flight Paths

On my two recent Mount Surprise Scout 1 and Mount Surprise Scout 2 explorations I experienced low flying aircraft almost directly above my position. On the first scout the aircraft was a small propeller driven private aircraft.  On the second scout three large military cargo type aircraft roared overhead. With aircraft suddenly appearing from behind […]