Summit of Mount Lafayette in winter – area of worst weather in the world

What is Viam Fec?

For starters, Viam Fec is a shortened version for “Viam Fecit” which means “He Made a Way” in Latin.

What does this mean?

During 218 BC, a man named Hannibal crossed the Alps mountain range while leading an army (including war elephants).  This incredible feat is one of the most celebrated achievements of any military force.

When facing this daunting task, one of Hannibal’s generals asked him how he was going to cross this forbidding and unknown landscape.

Hannibals matter-of-fact reply echos throughout history and for all time:

“Aut inveniam viam aut faciam”

which is Latin for “I shall either find a way or make one.”

So I ask you the most important question of your life: what is true Freedom and how will you secure it for yourself and for your loved ones?

For me, my goal is life is for others to point at my existence, however brief it is, and say “He Made a Way Through His Alps”.  For what else is there? What else ultimately defines a man more that his influence upon the world, his carving a path through all obstacles to make himself in his own image?

Viam Fec.

He made a way. Ron Fontaine, faced with a myriad of obstacles made a way.

What is the way you will make in life during the brief time you are here in the mountains of your mind?

Seize the day. Choose your greatness in the time you have.

Who I Have Chosen to Be

Fire -30 degrees below zero. In the wilderness fire is your survival friend.

I call myself “Odin Mountains Gungnir Sisu” Look up these words on Wikipedia.

Make your own name. Make yourself into your own vision.

I have been weightlifting 5×5 method since age 14 (I am now 58) and walking/snowshoeing in these northern mountains 5 to 10 miles a day. I have been one of the strongest physical and mental men who have ever lived. From complete poverty as a youth drinking maple tree sap for supper to now a multi-millionaire – my created life is a giving life.

Some discoveries in my life:

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Bird and Other Animals Radar

1. There are many crows and blue jays around one of my homes in Littleton, New Hampshire. When I step out the door they start squawking.

2. When hiking a trail, ahead or behind me out of sight birds will start squawking. People will be coming toward or away from me.

3. When walking the woods bears or deer will follow where I have been in order to keep track of me. At some point I make a “J” where there is a good view of where I have been and wait. Birds will squawk when the the animal comes into their view and I will soon see it too.

4. I was walking through thick woods looking for bears – there are 1.1 bears per square mile in New Hampshire – when a rabbit suddenly ran right past me from the right. A bear will keep tabs of you unseen just to your right or left. Rabbit Radar.

Trail Songs

1. My grandfather was a woodsman born in the 1800’s. He showed me this:

As you walk in the woods snap a twig on a branch so it is still hanging. Go on and snap another twig where it is in view of the previous one. Continue to do this as you move on. Now you can find your way back by following this Trail Song you have made.

2. In my 20’s I found a big crystal cavity on Bald Mountain, Maine. On my way back I cut light blazes on trees. 5 years later I followed these blazes and easily found the spot.

3. Walking in the woods every hundred feet or so stop and observe what is there. Note an animal track, a big rock, a special tree or other plant etc. Memorize them or write then down. Now you can use that information to find your way back.

My Secret to Universal Success

When you plant an acorn you do not get a pine tree or a tulip. You get a big strong Oak Tree that showers hundreds of acorns that feed animals such as squirrels and chipmunks – which makes them wealthy in their own way. The acorn you planted grows up into an oak tree that produces many more oaks.

Aristotle claimed that an acorn’s intrinsic telos is to become a fully grown oak tree. This is not a mystery – it is a fact. Look up “telos” on wikipedia.

When you plant coins (such as a quarters, half dollars, metal dollars or two dollar bills) where people can find them in astonishment, you don’t get gum or Kool Aide. You get thousands of coins that make you wealthy beyond belief.


I see
A possibility.

A wealthy man owns a mansion across the street from you. One day he dies and is gone. The mansion is still there.

I know some wondrous things about the Universe that few others do.

A “Secret to Life” that has been used by thousands of people who discovered it independently throughout history including Emerson, Plato, Jesus, Me, and Buddha:

1. Think truly about what you want.
2. Feel like you have it.
3. Give gratitude.

In due time it shall appear. Now you have it too. It created the Universe and works for the Past, Present, and the Future which are occurring at the same time. If you do not get what you want then another even greater thing will come to you.

I this is a fact because this thought brought me from absolute poverty of youth (where I drank maple tree sap for supper) to owning a million dollars in property with another million in finances which makes me one of the wealthiest people on earth.

The Universe appeared out of nothing some 14 billion years ago. It was thought into existence in the future and made in a Big Bang in the past.

A wealthy man owns a mansion across the street from you. One day he dies and is gone. The mansion is still there.

One day as I walked to the gym from work as I did every day, an often met man on the sidewalk asked me if he could borrow a dollar. I opened my wallet and gave the dollar to him. After that every time he approached me on the sidewalk he crossed the street to avoid me. One of the best investments I ever made.

We live at the bottom of an ocean of air.

We are a walking ocean – our blood is the same consistency as the seas.


Plant acorns and coins, make trail songs – you will meet the world as few others know how. – 2nd financial fortune in my life.
Bitcoin – 3rd financial fortune in my life.

Seize the day and be strong in your own way.

Jackson the German Shepard. We walked these mountains and forest together for years. Now he is dead my friend. One day we will be with each other forever.

“Weep not for me my friend so dear. I am not dead but sleeping here. And when my grave you come to see. Prepare for death and follow me.”