Personal Development

Quickly Stop Self Limiting Beliefs

Your beliefs about the meaning of success are important to your success

When someone asks you about the meaning of success or joy in your life, do you ever stop to think about your beliefs behind them?

Most of us immediately think about what we should “do” or how we should “feel” or what we should “say” to be happy, joyful and successful. Not what we believe.

Our beliefs create our reality.

10 simple steps to ending your self-limiting beliefs:

  1. Identify your self-limiting belief.
  2. Ask yourself: Why do I believe this?
  3. Describe how this self-limiting belief makes you feel.
  4. What or whom is the source of this self-limiting belief?
  5. Ask if this self-limiting belief is absolutely true?
  6. If not absolutely true, explore the opposite beliefs.
  7. If this new belief were true, how does it feel?
  8. Discard the self-limiting belief.
  9. Adopt the new self-expanding belief.
  10. Reinforce your new self-expanding belief.

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